Cable is a 4 Week Cycle that will focus on Hypertrophy, Strength Endurance, and Core, along with Aerobic and Work Capacity Maintenance. The focus of this will be on training muscle groups as opposed to a certain lift like majority of our programs. This means more variety throughout the cycle and more emphasis on aesthetics over performance.



There will be 4 sessions per week with an optional 5th session. Our athletes in gym are following this schedule to get all 5 sessions in:

  • Session 1: Monday
  • Session 2: Wednesday
  • Session 3: Friday
  • Session 4: Saturday
  • Session 5: Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday



To put on size, with a primary focus on the back. Looking to improve athletes ability to pull/row weight.


Assessments (to be done before starting cycle):

  • Max Reps Pushups
  • Max Reps Pullups
  • Max Reps Horizontal Pullups



Difficult But Doable (DBD)

  • Record loading from Week 1 as this will be the minimum loading for the rest of the cycle