Alpha Omega




Alpha Omega is a 62-week series of three macrocycles – a total of 9 programs – designed to be done in the following order, back to back to back:

New Athlete – a 12-week foundational cycle onramp for athletes with little gym training or for experienced athletes without familiarization with hybrid training.
Short on Time + The Foundation 1 – 4-week programs done concurrently to build aerobic base and continue to develop all-around fitness.
Yoked – 4-week hypertrophy cycle dedicated to making your chest, arms, glutes, and quads grow like never before.
Chase or be Chased – Become the predator with a speed-focused run program with some heavy-lifting to keep you sharp – 4-weeks.
Challenges – a 4-week work capacity cycle of the hardest efforts we’ve devised – can you handle them?
Foundational Olympic – Oly lifting from the ground up. Gain the coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and strength that comes with these classic, technical lifts
Maxxx Gainz – strength and hypertrophy cycle that’s so simple and hard it’s difficult to even describe it. Prepare to PR.
Ultimate Soldier – Finish up with the ultimate program to prepare you for just about anything – Ultimate Soldier has and continues to prepare our athletes who attend SF Selection to be among those selected.
Here’s what Alpha Omega will do for you:

Make you harder to kill – No matter if you’re green behind the ears or salty from years of training, Alpha Omega will reshape you into the baddest mofo you’ve ever been.
Build unflappable confidence – starting this program is a testament to your tenacity, finishing it is a testament to your individual excellence. You’ll wear that excellence like a badge of honor.
Train the body, sharpen the mind – what’s the point in being hard if you’re dull? Our training builds mental fitness as well as physical fitness. You’ll forget what quitting ever was.
Any globo-gym or functional fitness place will work. If you’re training in your garage, you’ll need:

Squat Rack
Bumper Plates
Basic soft tissue and mobility equipment
A Mat
Running course of known distance.

Programs included in this macrocycle

Arm Hypertrophy
Foundational Olympic
Maxxx Gainz
New Athlete
Short on Time
The Foundation
Ultimate Soldier