Article: Blue Falcon

Article: Blue Falcon

What is Blue Falcon?

If you are serving or have served, that’s a loaded question…

But for Atomic Athletes, it’s a guaranteed way to make you post hilarious “The Day After Leg Day” gifs to your Facebook wall. Don’t believe me? Keep reading…I’ve got a special gift for you.

Blue Falcon is a 17-session (just over 4 weeks) cycle dedicated to increasing your strength endurance and speed over ground. We also pepper in some barbell work to keep you proficient at your Olympic movements or give you practice if you’re still learning.

Don’t give a sh*t about Oly lifts? There’s something for you, too…

“Cool, but what’s it do for me?”

All right, all right, damn, be direct why don’t you? Let’s get to brass tacks –

Blue Falcon will:

  1. Hammer your legs and lungs – turn those brittle matchsticks into bombproof marble columns while re-learning what it means to breathe hard.
  2. Increase your sprint speed – through dedicated sprint intervals and pulling work (not to mention Tempo intervals).
  3. Develop your midsection – ever push on a guy and end up being the one that gets knocked back because he’s just solid? Well, after Blue Falcon, you’ll be the guy.

(Listen – give it a shot now if you’re looking for a solution to chicken legs. If you’re gun shy, keep reading).

Legs and Lungs

How much do you think we’re going to hammer your legs and lungs? Honestly answer that question.

Whatever you answered, double it.

Why do we care about legs and lungs so much? Why is it so important?

Well, as our shirt says, Legs Feed The Wolf. You can have the sharpest teeth in the pack, but if you never catch anything, you’ll die a hungry death, compadre.

Legs and lungs get you off the mountain and to safety when a storm rolls in out of nowhere. Legs and lungs keep you fresh for a firefight after a 10km hump over uneven, mountainous terrain. Legs and lungs allow you to create distance between you and an attacker on the street – or to have a strong base to frame, create space, and escape if you’re overpowered.

Sprint Speed

Sprinting isn’t just about legs – it’s also about your back.


Because your lats are the hip flexors of the upper body. They pull your elbow towards your ribs, just as your hip flexor pulls your knee towards your ribs. This is why your legs follow your arms. The faster you can move your arms, the faster you will run. And all that power is generated in the lats – those big muscles that make your back look like a cobra’s hood.

So, while we’ll make your legs more powerful, we’re also going to make your back stronger through dedicated pulling work. Plus, we’re going to do one other thing…

Develop Your Midsection

The midsection is to a trainer what vegetables are to moms. We get it.

But here’s why the midsection is so important:

If your arms and legs are the pistons turning the crank, then your midsection in the transmission putting power to the tires. Weak midsection? Loose transmission. Strong midsection? Stiff transmission with no power lost between the crank and the tires.

Of course, we make working the midsection fun by using complexes that train multiple planes of movement, allowing you to use resistance, and by working all the ways in which the core can manipulate and control the spine. (So few programs do this, and it’s a major leak for many athletes, which is why we created Rock Solid. A program dedicated to making your midsection the strongest it’s every been).

Plus, we also focus on durability by dedicating time to strengthening your low back. Here’s the truth: you’ll never miss a day of work because you pulled an ab muscle. Blue Falcon gives you the structure to be disciplined about keeping your low back strong.

Your Special Gift

Look, if you’ve done our programming, you know it’s not for everyone.

That guy taking 15 min. mirror breaks between bicep curl sets? He’s not doing our programming. He never will.

And we don’t want him.

He’s not like us: willing to escape the prison of comfort, willing to suck and suffer to get better.

And because you’re looking for performance, for actual challenge, to strengthen your weaknesses, and to achieve real fitness, here’s the first session of Blue Falcon – and a video that will walk you through all elements:

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Blue%20Falcon%20-%20Session%201″]

Obj: Assessment/Strength Endurance


3 Rounds
3x Pull-ups
10x Lunges e/s – add weight each round
200m  Run – 7 of 10 on last round
60 sec. ARoC


1) Find max reps Pull-ups. No bullshit. No kipping. RECORD SCORE

2) Find max reps Loaded Jumping Lunges in 90 sec.

***Female loading: 10-25 lbs. DB in each hand
Male loading: 20-35 lbs. DB in each hand***

3) 4 Rounds, every 2:30 sec.
300m Shuttle Sprints

4) 4 Rounds
Mastodon Complex – same as test loading – **see table for reps.**
1-leg Poor Man’s Leg Curl e/s- same reps as Mastodon Complex

**Jump Lunge Test | Mastodon Reps**
0-30                                       3x e/s
31-50                                     4x e/s
51-70                                      5x e/s
70+                                         6x e/s

***Guidelines for Loading on Loaded Jumping Lunge Test***
Males, use…                          …if your Back Squat is…
20 lbs. DBs                                               <200
25 lbs. DBs                                               200-250
30 lbs. DBs                                               250-300
35 lbs. DBs                                               300+
Females, use…                          …if your Back Squat is…
10 lbs. DBs                                               <100
15 lbs. DBs                                               100-135
20 lbs. DBs                                               140-185
25 lbs. DBs                                               185+

For those looking for even more

Blue Falcon is the third and final phase of an 18-week macrocycle of training that smartly and flawlessly periodizes your fitness to maximize your performance. To get the first and second phases, Maximum Overdrive and Mandatory Fun, click on the links.

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