Online Athlete: Saravane

Online Athlete: Saravane

It’s easy to show you how awesome the athletes are at our gym in Austin, but we caught up with one of our online athletes to see how he was doing.  We’ll keep it simple:  He’s a badass.

Atomic:  What made you choose Atomic Athlete?

Bobby: I first started Atomic Athletes programming right before the new website launched back in late 2010/2011, I believe. During my time in the Army I did a lot of circuit type training and running, and eventually got into CF, which was good for awhile. Long story short, I ended up drifting away from it because I felt it truly didn’t benefit me when it came to applying it “functionally” in my job. Coming into Atomic Athletes online program I felt weary about it, specifically just doing what was printed on paper and not expecting it to be much. I thought I was in shape, but the first session proved me wrong and it was a crap show from the start. However, I was hooked and truly enjoyed the challenge, both physically and mentally.

Atomic:  How does training online and so far away from our gym work out for you:

Bobby:  Everything is just well thought-out and planned right, the durability emphasis, explaining corrective movement, and coaches notes is just very beneficial to an online-athlete like myself. The online programming really fits my everyday routine, because it allows me to make up the days I would likely miss at the gym in Austin. I’m a full-time student and currently in the hiring process with a federal agency, so I really didn’t have the time, nor the money to be committed to a gym physically. The online program has allowed me train on my own time, but still be very effective following the format that is given.

The exercise library has been a big tool in progressing as an athlete following the online program. When I first started, I had no idea what the majority of exercises were, specifically the non-barbell/DB/KB stuff. Having the library helped me know the movements, but I still refer back to it when I don’t exactly remember exact movement of an exercise.

Atomic:  What progress have you seen since starting with our online programming?

Bobby: Since starting the online programming my progress has continuously gotten better with every cycle. My gains aren’t always exponential, but there is always improvement in some form or another.

My experience with Olympic lifting prior to entering into crossfit was based off of what I was taught in high school athletics, and from my own research online.  I didn’t have any certifications or special training. However,  since starting the online program my technique has made significant gains of improvement, with the breaking down of movements and detailed instruction.

My first recorded snatch I was only able to hit 135lbs (with really shitty form and probably muscling it), My clean and jerk was no better at 195 lbs. As of today, my snatch is 250lbs and feel ready to test it again, and my clean and jerk is at 310lbs, which I also feel ready to test again.

The work-capacity and stamina cycles have been a pain since day one and continue to be, but I feel I am able to continually push myself further with every new cycle that comes around (btw, sandbag get-ups are a bastard).

-Bobby S.

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Get started training like Bobby, now.  Here’s a preview of our Launchy Program to get you started.

Warmup: 3 rounds – 65/45

  • Barbell Complex – increase 5-10lbs each round
  • 10x PVC Overhead Squats

1) 6 rounds

  • 3x Power Snatch – DBD
  • 20 second Peanut

2) 8 rounds

  • 8x Ball Slam
  • 200 meter run

3) 3 rounds

  • 5x one arm sit-up each side – 12/8kg
  • 5x Kneeling KB Keg lift each side  – 20/12kg
  • 5x one leg deadlift each side – 16/8kg
  • 20/20/20 bridge complex – side/front/side


Descriptions and videos of the exercises can be found here:  Or download the Launchy Program, to get it all.  Or go full force and train online with our Hybrid Program, like Bobby.

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