Article: Is Atomic Athlete For You?

Article: Is Atomic Athlete For You?

I fully understand that Atomic Athlete is not for everyone.

It is for the select few.

Those that are willing to put in the work to become the best versions of themselves.

Those that know that the pain of self-discovery, far outweighs the comfort of self-esteem.

The question is, is it for you…

To answer that question you must first answer this one:


Why don’t you train at Atomic Athlete?


“Oh man, I’m not ready for that.

“I’m scared.”

“I need to get in shape before I come train with ya’ll.”  

“I’m not trying to be all gung ho and shit, I just want to work out.”

These are all things that I have heard both directly and from other people when asking friends, family, and coworkers to come and try our brand of training.

Yes, we have professional athletes, fighters, jiu-jitsu world champions, former professional athletes, ultramarathoners, triathletes, first responders and soldiers that train with us.

But training shoulder to shoulder with these same athletes are soccer moms, lawyers, doctors, real estate investors, athletes rehabbing injuries, and athletes that haven’t touched a barbell in years- if ever.

So what is the difference between the athletes that train with us and the people that don’t?


It begins with a value system that puts self-awareness before self-esteem.


Our athletes don’t come to this facility for participation medals or to get told they did a good job.  They don’t come here to have the exercises watered down to make them feel good about themselves.  They don’t expect every training session to be Instagram or Facebook worthy.

Our athletes come here because they want to know what their physical and mental limits actually are.  They aren’t concerned with looking cool or getting a badass t-shirt.  They simply want to know what they are capable of, and more importantly what they aren’t capable of.

Our gift to our athletes is that we are always showing them where they can improve.  And while this isn’t exactly a comfortable process, it is necessary.  We don’t deal in the hypothetical or a fantasyland where everyone can be a Green Beret or a Crossfit Games athlete.  We deal in the reality of intimately understanding- not what your strengths are, but instead where you are the most deficient.

Where are you the absolute weakest?

But there’s even more to it than that.  After we begin to identify the worst elements about ourselves we don’t ignore them under the delusion they will go away.

Instead, these become the focus.  We train these deficiencies consistently and systematically.

Our program cycles through so that even when they aren’t the focus of training they are still present.

Why do we do this?

Why do we torture our athletes with doing things they struggle with?


Simple. Because we’re coaches and coaches don’t peddle delusion.


Coaches aren’t here for your self-esteem. We are not here to prop you up and say you can do something you can’t or that you are good at something you aren’t.

Coaches heighten your self-awareness, we show you that you can stand on your own two feet and the only prop you need is your strong legs developed through hours of squatting and lunging.  And your iron will that has been tempered through struggle and setback.

Coaches reveal your exact limits.  When you leave your training you will know exactly how much you can lift.  How hard you can run.  How much discomfort you can deal with.

You will change your definition of what difficult and uncomfortable are.  These will stop being places you avoid at all costs and instead become your new home.  This will be the edge you live one. Albeit one of hardship, but also triumph and self-discovery.


You will lose things, starting with your ego.


If you aren’t willing to surrender it at the door- it will get taken from you over and over again.  And what you get back won’t even begin to resemble the ego you came with.

You will be exposed, you will struggle, you will sweat, you will bleed, you will beg it to stop.  You will dread coming to a training session.  It will keep you up at night, and make you feel nauseous and make you want to quit before you begin.

But you will also be elated.

You will talk about it and even dream about it.

Over time you will literally move tons of weight.

Run hundreds of miles.


You will do things you thought were impossible- over and over again.


And you won’t ever be alone.  You will be shoulder to shoulder with athletes just like you.  People suffering just as you are.  Athletes whose only desire is to be better than they were yesterday.

You will be coached by individuals that will push you far beyond anything you ever thought possible.  They will guide you under crushingly heavy weights.  They will motivate you and give you guidance on how to approach long or intense sessions.

And while you will fail- more often than not.  But from this failure, you will grow.  You will learn where to push and where to hold steady.  When to suffer and when to recover.

And then you will succeed.


You will leave this facility better than when you ever came into it.


You will know exactly what you are capable of.

More importantly, you will know exactly what your limits are, and you will understand that these limits will be temporary as long as you keep challenging them.

So ask yourself:

Is it for You?


-Coach Moore


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