What is the Holiday Nutrition Challenge?

  • 6-weeks long - it starts on Sunday, December 10, 2017, and goes until Saturday, January 20, 2018.
  • Tailored to you - all of the nutrition resources are based on your body size and gender.
  • Healthy - the recipes and portions are designed to maximize your appetite, be thoroughly nutritious, and provide variety for your palette.
  • A personal journey - the process of merely embarking on the Challenge has the power lead you on a journey of personal change.

6-Week Nutrition Challenge includes:

  • Meal portions based on your body size and gender - you won't need to guess how much you need. We'll let you know based on the info you provide us about yourself.
  • Weekly Lifestyle Habit Accountability - fall into bad eating habits over the holidays? We'll help keep you on track to your goals by having you honestly reflect on your tendencies and recognize solutions.
  • Recipes - know what to cook, with the correct portions, for you.
  • Weekly meal guide - a weekly map that lays out how to structure your eating to keep you satiated and happy.
  • Shopping List - you won't have to guess what to buy at the grocery store. We'll tell you what you need to make the recipes we send along!
  • 6-week home training program - we're Atomic, so of course, we've got your training covered. We've got a plan for those of you with equipment and those of you on the road.
  • Email reminders to keep you on track - you'll receive regular emails detailing aspects of the current challenge week, so no guessing what you need to do or make that week.
  • 10% off Thorne supplements - one of the only supplement companies out there that are NSF certified for sport - so you know they're legit!

How Do I Sign-up?

  1. Checkout by clicking the button below.
  2. Check your email. Look for the subject line: "Complete Your Holiday Nutrition Challenge Registration."
  3. Click the email link, fill in the form, hit "Complete Registration." That's it! We'll send you information on December 10th on how to get started.

Time until registration closes:


Sample Holiday Nutrition Challenge Manual:

Holiday Nutrition Challenge Manual Sample

Sample Holiday Menu Plan:

Weeks 1 & 2 Meal Guide

Sample Body Weight Session:

Sample Body Weight Training Session

Sample Kettlebell Session:

Sample Kettlebell Session