The Forge is the third tier of our Competence Series. Held in various wilderness areas in the Western United States, the Forge is a five day land navigation and backcountry experience. Attendees undergo multiple blocks of instruction each day along with practical exercises.


The majority of training blocks are specific to moving and surviving in the outdoors with minimal equipment for extended durations. Additional training blocks, such as medical, combatives, and/or communications are added based on the cadre members attending and the needs of the client/organization.


This event is physically demanding and conducted at elevations of 7,000 to 13,000 feet. Attendees are expected to be physically prepared prior to the event, to include the capability to carry 35-50 lbs. through mountainous terrain.


The Forge will most likely have attendees doing things they have never have done before. It tests your physicality and mental toughness, yet it is not an assessment. Although the course demands much, it isn’t a selection course, nor is it designed to be. Camaraderie, teamwork, and scenarios are integrated into the course.


2022 Details

  1. Ladies Forge Dates –  arrive  7/20 and depart 7/26
  2. Ladies Forge Location – Medicine Bow National Forest outside of Saratoga Wyoming.
  3. Men’s Forge Dates –  arrive 7/13 and depart 7/19
  4. Men’s Forge Location – Flat Tops or West Elk Wilderness
  5. Must be a current athlete
  6. All first year attendees must pass a pack test 4 weeks before event start date to ensure fitness is high enough.
  7. Event is capped to 8 first years and 4 team leaders.
  8. Injured attendees must hike out, planned route will not change.
  9. If event sells out contact Jake to get on the waitlist.
  10. Full Packing List HERE.


What equipment do I need?
A full packing list can be found here. You can see a layout of gear in this video. We suggest borrowing gear from previous attendees in the gym vs. purchasing all the gear for your first trip.


Can I share equipment?
Yes, equipment can be shared within your individual team. This includes stoves, fuel, shelters, sun block, bug spray and other things that can be shared.


Why do I have to arrive a day before and depart the day after?
Unexpected things happen in the mountains. We will not adjust routes to accommodate same day travel nor will we allow the group to split.


How do we get to training area?
You may drive to the meet up spot or fly to the nearest city and rent a vehicle. If you rent a vehicle get a SUV. You will need to arrange accommodations for the night prior and night after the event (hotel, air bnb, or camp). Suggested courses of action will be provided.


What will the weather be like?
Weather will vary based on location and time of year. In general expect evenings to be in the 40’s and daytime temps in the 60’s. Mountain weather is unpredictable and inclement weather can bring drastic changes in temperature. Last year we experienced snow at higher elevations. Come prepared for a wide range of temps.


What is the minimum number of attendees to schedule a Mil / LEO event for my unit?

We require a minimum of 6 attendees.


What additional blocks can we add to the event?
Medical, combatives, edged weapons, and communications are available options depending on instructor availability.


If I sign up but cannot attend what happens? Is there a return policy?

  • 60+ days = 100% refund
  • 30 – 60 days = 50% refund
  • < 30 days = 0% refund unless filled by person on waitlist