Physical training is just one component of what Atomic Athlete does. We also host a variety of educational, recreational, and experiential events.


2 Day Coaching Seminar

For the aspiring or professional coach. This two day seminar provides an in depth look at our methodology, programming, and coaching techniques we use at our facilities. More info. 



Short for Special Operations Forces Fitness Instructor Course. This course is designed for military and law enforcement team leaders looking to take their teams to new levels. More info. 


The Awakening

Our 1st tier event for becoming a more competent human being. The Awakening is a one day event that focuses on the 3 primary pillars of competence: Marksmanship, Combatives, and Trauma Management. More info.


The Vanguard

Our 2nd tier event takes a deeper dive into becoming an asset to your friends, family, and community. This two day event takes place in the hill country of central Texas and builds upon the skills of The Awakening. We add other blocks such as ropes and rappelling, animal butchery, land navigation, and a deeper look into the primary 3 skill sets. More info.


The Forge

The 3rd tier of our competence series. The Forge is a 5 day wilderness excursion in the mountains of New Mexico that focuses on navigating and thriving in backcountry environments. More info.


Night Ops

A team based challenge under the cover of darkness in Austin, Texas. Night Ops challenges both fitness and the ability to think critically under stress. More info.


Atomic Legion

The Atomic Legion is a local training and competition based organization that specializes in firearms, medical, ropes and rappelling, and other preparedness skills. More info.