CHAPTER 2: A Unique Journey

CHAPTER 2: A Unique Journey

No two paths are the same.


Everyone who walks the path possesses their unique purpose for doing so.


Some seek insurmountable strength, others relentless endurance.


Many more seek a combination of the two, with an emphasis on one or the other to varying degrees.


Each of these unique paths necessitates its own unique method, for even if two pursue the same purpose, they can walk different ways to arrive at the same end. Each of your journeys will be unique. No two will be alike.


Those that say “this path is the one, the ONLY one,” are liars or ignorant.


Our site is the cartographer of your path. Every program is a waypoint on your journey. We provide many programs because we acknowledge the necessity for you to make your own way.


We take the most reputable research, the most proven methods, and over a decade of coaching experience to create the most effective training programs out there.


Many great training programs exist out there, of course, which is why we have already analyzed them, broken them down, and made them better.


Each time we do run a program that goes on the site, know 280 athletes, including us coaches, tested them here in Austin, Texas.


Even though your journey may be unique, and your path different than those around you, certain things will hold true:


  • You must have the discipline to not only start the journey, but complete it. Intention is not enough.


  • You must be willing to sacrifice, walking the path takes time, one of our most precious resources. There are no easy victories, which is why they’re worth winning.


  • You must be willing to work hard, more often than not, the path takes us uphill, rarely down. Change is earned by overcoming resistance, not given by right.


Sound hard?


It is.


This is the way.


– Coach


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