Atomic Dominates “Best of” List

Atomic Dominates “Best of” List

Austin Fit Magazine just released the results of their annual “Best of” vote for fitness related businesses in the city.


We won a number of accolades based on readers’ votes, including:

  • 1st: Best Strength and Conditioning Gym
  • 1st: Best Place to Train (South)
  • 2nd: Hardest Workout in Austin
  • 3rd: Best New Gym (Atomic Outpost)


We’re excited and humbled to win these awards. After all, they reflect the strength of our community and culture here at Atomic.


These awards are the result of people’s experience with our facility, coaches, and athletes. People who voted for us have experienced what we do and how we do it, and chose to represent that experience with a vote for Atomic.


So, as much as these awards reflect the quality of training athletes receive here, they are a better reflection of our amazing community.


We often say and write that culture is the hardest thing to create in a gym, and the easiest thing to lose. And, culture as a concept can be difficult to define. It combines the nebulous qualities of a gym’s programming approach, coaching styles, athlete engagement – both socially and training-wise – and communication. With so many variables, culture can be a moving target: hard to hit and even harder hit all the time.


If these awards reveal anything about Atomic, it’s that our culture is healthy and strong.


Culture also involves something that’s easy to overlook in a mature and established facility such as ours: how a gym incorporates new athletes into the existing community. 


Is the gym approachable? Is the programming deep and purposeful, yet intuitive? Are coaches and athletes welcoming, or do new athletes need to prove themselves?


Our coaches are the best in the business and we’re very proud of the depth of their expertise, investment into our systems of coaching and programming, and their care for individual improvement for each athlete. It should also be said that our coaching certification is no joke: from the programming course and test to the fitness assessment, making it onto our floor requires more than most gyms would dare to test.


We are not a gym which seeks to define itself by exercise competitions, so most of our athletes are here simply to push themselves, test their meddle from time to time, and train with a good crew of likeminded people. They will welcome you with open arms and push you to do your best with encouragement and positivity.


Our facility is simple: we have lots of open floor space and simple gear that has stood the test of time. Some people can find it intimidating until they meet us, our coaches, and athletes. Some people go so far as to say they need to “get in shape” before coming to Atomic. While we appreciate the sentiment (after all, our programming is no joke: it will push you hard), it is unnecessary. We’re not going to make you do advanced calculus if you’re still learning algebra. Likewise, we’ll teach you to add before we ask you to multiply. The point is our programming will be modified to individual ability, no matter how basic. After all, we’ve all suffered injuries, setbacks, and resets in life. Training shouldn’t be something you defer because you’re too afraid of failing to even start.


If you’ve been following us for a while, but have been hesitant to come in, or if you’re just hearing of Atomic for the first time, we encourage you to darken our bay doors one day and see why so many people think we’re the best. You can even do a whole week if you’d like.


We look forward to meeting you.


Jake Saenz, Jordan Smothermon, and Tod Moore

Owners, Atomic Athlete

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